It is quite possible that one day your child is irritable, rubs his ears, has a temperature ... In brief, tells you that he has earache.

What might be the cause?

A foreign body in his ear: anything from soil to spaghetti including pearls!
Middle ear otitis: the most common infection in young children. In fact, 70% suffer from this type of otitis during the first three years of their life.
External otitis: Infection of the skin in the auditory canal with development of bacteria.
A cerumen plug: obstruction of the auditory canal linked to an accumulation of cerumen in the ear. This plug may swell when taking a bath and generate additional pain. Eczema inside the ear:
inflammation of the mucous membrane in the auditory canal leading to uncomfortable itching.

What to do?

Talk to your doctor rapidly, as soon as your child starts complaining about earache or if you believe he is not hearing very well.

How to care for your child’s ears?

Generally speaking, and with prevention in mind, it is important to:
1) Regularly clean your child’s ears using suitable products
2) Avoid using cotton buds which may push the cerumen further into the ear and especially may damage the skin of the auditory canal
3) Dry your child’s ears after each shower, bath or swimming in a swimming pool, using a handkerchief or clean towel