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The 5 basic rules of hygiene for your baby

baby eye


Clean your baby’s eyes with a sterile compress moistened with a specific product.

Clean from the inside corner to the outside so as to bring any dirt towards the outside of the eye.

Don’t forget to change the compress before washing the other eye.

baby skin


Dry fully after the bath.

Pat it with a towel. Pay particular attention to the folds of the neck and thighs, to avoid development of sores in the folds.

baby skin


With a rolled up cotton gauze moistened with a specific product, carefully clean his nose.

Change the gauze between nostrils and take care to remove mucus.

baby skin


The first teeth start to appear at about 6 months. These are the milk teeth, of which the enamel is more delicate than in the adult or second teeth. This is why it is important to clean them daily with a soft bristle tooth brush.

baby skin


For inside the ear: use a suitable product such as AUDIBABY, a single dose once per week to eliminate the secretions and dirt from the ear.

For the outside of the ear: wipe the auricle and edges of the ear with a moistened compress.

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1) Why wash a baby’s ears?

Because the ears are one of the 5 sensory organs which your child uses every day in his development and learning from the first moments of his life.
As the auditory canal is much smaller in babies than in adults, the risk of congestion or obstruction is more important.

2) What to do?

For the inside of the ear: Use a suitable product such as AUDIBABY. A single dose, once per week to eliminate secretions and dirt from the ear.
For the outside of the ear wipe with a moistened compress the auricle and edges of the ear.

3) What not to do!

Use cotton buds, even those indicated for babies, as by pushing them in you risk damaging the skin inside the auditory canal.
Clean the inside of your baby’s ears every day.